About Us

Filthy Rich Specializes In Exclusive, Authentic Replicas Of Iconic Jewelry And Lifestyle Pieces, Worn By Hollywood Legends Of The Past And Contemporary, Chic Items Inspired By Today's Biggest Celebrities.

With a strong international presence and outlets in over 30 locations across the USA, Canada and Europe, Filthy Rich have recently opened their first UK store in the Cathedral Quarter of Derby. What makes Filthy Rich unique is that each piece of jewelry comes with its own special history – whether it has been worn by fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn or inspired by the World’s biggest celebrities including Kate and Pippa Middleton, Beyonce, Jennifer Anniston and Kim Kardashian – and while they are costume or ‘fashion’ pieces, the high quality materials used throughout, ensure that they have all the glamour, sparkle and shine of the original jewelry worn by celebrities.


A Very British Heritage…

Filthy Rich began in 2003 when Florida resident Mike Shurtleff opened a museum in Orlando to exhibit replicas of the British Crown Jewels. In a move to add more pieces to his collection that he felt would appeal to tourists, he purchased a replica of a famous pendant worn by Marilyn Monroe….. little did he know that it would end up receiving more attention than the Crown Jewels, so much so that admiring visitors began asking to buy it! And so began Mike’s relationship with a Hollywood film producer who owned the exclusive rights to 200 movie stars’ jewelry pieces – including of course, Marilyn. After the first order of replica pendants sold out within a day, Mike changed company direction – down came the museum sign and up went the newly branded Filthy Rich. Initially stocked with replicas of jewelry worn by Hollywood’s icons such as Vivian Leigh's earrings from “Gone with the Wind,” Audrey Hepburn's Spotlight Earrings from “Sabrina” and of course the ever popular pendant as worn by Marilyn Monroe in “How to Marry a Millionaire,” Filthy Rich quickly become the Hollywood Producer’s biggest customer.

In 2014, a group of International investors became involved in the company, quickly expanding the international store presence and opening up the first UK store in Derby filthyrichofderby.com which has gone from strength to strength. Filthy Rich are actively seeking new franchise locations – please visit the website filthyrichinternational.com if you are interested in getting involved with a franchise store or to learn more about the fantastic consignment stock opportunities that can be offered from your existing outlet.

Filthy Rich is a one of kind concept and experience that makes it more than just jewelry. We offer a glamorous, affordable and timeless style for all ages.
Our collection’s include inspirations from today’s celebrities like Lady Gaga, Meghan Markle, Ariana Grande and more. Our jewelry is inspired by style icons and today’s most popular designers, celebrities, movies and music.
We have a wide range of selections from the Contemporary, Designer, Royal, Bridal/Engagement, Holiday, Men’s and Princess Collection.
Legendary icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn will always be a constant in our collection.
At Filthy Rich we devote ourselves to researching what the celebrities are wearing on the red carpet at award ceremonies, TV shows, movies and public appearances. We find pieces that recreates their star style just for you.